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New version of the application ASSI-RGPD

02 December 2019

The Ministry of work, migrations and Social security, developer of the solution, shares through CTT this new version with many novelties.

The Ministry of work, migrations and Social security made available to all public administrations through CTT, the solution ASSI-RGPD (audit of safety of information systems – General Regulation of data protection) in the middle of the year 2018 and its aim was to implement the Regulation (HAT) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the board of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the treatment of personal data and on the free movement of such data .

Currently, this application allows the organization to keep a record of activities of processing of personal data as well as to facilitate the implementation of the rest of obligations of the General regulation of data protection (RGPD) and Organic Law 3/2018, 5 December, of protection of personal data and guarantee of digital rights (LOPD-GDD), including the realization of risk analysis of treatment for the rights and freedoms of individuals, and, in its case, the impact assessment of processing operations on the protection of personal data.

In this new version provides the following improvements/features:

  • Adaptation to the content of the LOPD-GDD published in December last year (minors, administrative and criminal offences, dead, recommendations to those responsible for treatment, responsible for treatment, consent, …).
  • Improvements in the content contained/removable ASSI-RGPD:
    • Institutional Email unity for not publish emails Responsible professionals treatment).
    • Generation and export of registration of treatment activities (RAT).
    • Mejor redacción de algunos textos que aparecen en la pestaña Análisis de Riesgos y Evaluación de Impacto (por ejemplo: en lugar de ¿El tratamiento implica realizar una videovigilancia a gran escala?, va a aparecer ¿Se realiza una observación sistemática a gran escala de una zona de acceso público (por ejemplo: videovigilancia con detección y reconocimiento automático de la identidad de las personas en una plaza pública)?
    • Expansion of the size of text of several fields for the person responsible for processing can properly document (Name of treatment and necessity and proportionality of operations).
    • Improvement of aid that offers the application (content that goes to the RAT, explanation of the process of calculation of measures ENS Type I and measures ENS Type II, what information required to sign the pdf containing for a treatment of personal data all the information entered in ASSI-RGPD, etc).
  • New version of the drafts of clauses informative.
  • Mejoras en la generación y extracción de informes (Informe de Tratamientos, Registro de Actividades de Tratamientos, Informe Cualitativo e Informe Cuantitativo).
  • Deletes historical justified and recoveries treatments of personal data (TDP) together with the identification of who did and when did.
  • From administration management of the implementation of the structure and contents of the library of Responsible aid TDP (files doc with forms, rights of stakeholders, recommendations for the recruitment of responsible for treatment, regulations, etc).
  • Improvements in the format of the content of the pdf generated.
  • Generation of a warning to the maintainer of treatment for that, in its case, make an impact assessment Widespread concerning certain treatments as established by the AEPD at https :// www.aepd.es/press/2019-07-09.html
  • Updating the User Manual.

Se ha subido al PAE tanto la versión 2.1.0 como la actualización desde la versión anterior (1.1.16) a la versión 2.1.0

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