PAe - less than a year for the launch of the Single Digital Gateway integrated in the web portal “ Your Europa ”
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Less than a year for the launch of the Single Digital Gateway integrated in the web portal “ Your Europa ”

20 December 2019

Portal Your Europe

On 12 December 2020 the European commission launches the Single Digital Gateway with links to websites relevant European and national to facilitate access for citizens and businesses to the internal market.

On 12 December 2020 apply, para el conjunto de las administraciones e instituciones públicas, excluido el ámbito municipal the first set of articles of the REGULATION (HAT) 2018/1724 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND of the board of 2 October 2018 relating to the creation of a single digital gateway access to information, procedures and assistance services and solving problems and amending Regulation (HAT) # 1024/2012 (Opens in new window) Because of the municipal level apply on 12 December 2022.

The 12 December 2020 Digital Gateway, the link with Single web pages European and all member states that provide for citizens and businesses information on rights, obligations and rules relevant to the functioning of the internal market according to the fields listed in Annex I of the regulation and on the functioning of related administrative procedures , prioritising the listed in Annex II. Furthermore, will be linked with the catwalk those pages describing and gives access to care and troubleshooting for issues related to the above and which are listed in Annex III.

Las páginas enlazadas con la Pasarela Digital Única serán localizables y accesibles a través del portal web “ Your Europa (Opens in new window) ”, complying with all the quality requirements established by the rules, including the availability of the information in English, so that carried the logo of the catwalk as seal of quality . Los usuarios de las páginas de información y de los servicios de asistencia y resolución de problemas enlazados podrán valorar el servicio obtenido, lo que, junto con la recogida de una serie de estadísticas, permitirá, a la Comisión Europea y a las autoridades competentes, conocer y mejorar la calidad de los contenidos de la pasarela. Se está redactando un acto de ejecución que regulará los detalles de la recogida, tratamiento y puesta en común de las valoraciones y estadísticas respetando el anonimato de los usuarios.
All European public administrations are collaborating and working to comply with the launch date of the Single Digital Gateway and take a step forward in the successful development of the European internal market.

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