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Development of the Event Brings 2019

20 December 2019

The Meeting Brings 2019 had as motto “ Pushing the data of high value ”, in reference to the 6 categories of data considered high value for the new European regulations on data open and reuse of public sector information: geospatial data, environmental, meteorological, statisticians, related to corporations and with mobility.

At the meeting has highlighted the progress of Spain at the opening of the data of the public sector to its availability of society and businesses as an active key to move a democracy more transparent and participatory, entrepreneurship and innovation.

The event, opened by the secretary of state for the advancement Digital, Francisco Polo, and the secretary of state of public function, José Antonio Benedicto, is structured around three roundtables in those that have been analysed the keys to the availability and use of data of high value, as well as opportunities for boosting the economy of data to the emergence of new technological paradigms.

The Prizes of the challenge Brings

Parallel to the event, as every year, awarded prizes of the challenge Brings 2019. Fernando of Pablo, General secretary of administration Digital, the Director General of Telecommunications and Information technologies, Roberto Sánchez, and the Director of Law, David Cierco were those who commit them.

The convening of the challenge Brings this year has led by slogan “ the value of the data for the food industry, forestry and rural ” and has been targeted to identify new ideas and prototypes based on open data to help improve efficiency in this sector, critical for the creation of wealth and employment.

The winners were:

  • 1º Prize: system Optimacis
  • 2Nd Prize: Cubicación Choperas LiDAR Measurements of
  • 3Rd Prize: EcoVeo

Summary of winning initiatives and their contributions (Opens in new window)

Spain consolidates as a country doctor in the field of data open

Regarding figures and results, in this year's edition of the Event Brings, covered - could not have been otherwise unveiled during data the last Open Data Travel Report (Opens in new window) de la UE. España ocupa, por tercer año consecutivo, la segunda posición a nivel europeo en materia de datos abiertos, según el  European Portal of data (Opens in new window)  de la Comisión Europea. Forma así parte del grupo de países prescriptores en la materia, según este organismo. El estudio señala que los datos abiertos permitirán ahorrar 1.700 millones de euros en costes a la Administración Pública en 2020. Además, mejorará el rendimiento y contribución a la eficiencia de los servicios públicos, detectando gastos innecesarios o redundantes al cruzar información de diferentes sectores.

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