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Third Meeting of national security Scheme (NHIS)

  • Online streaming format,
  • 24 june 2021
  • - 19:15 8:45

Until the next 18 june, anyone who wishes to do so may request the assistance the event, which will take place on 24 june in format streaming .

The response to incidents of information security of the Centre National Cryptologic, CCN-CERT, give warning of the opening of the registration period to Third Meeting of national security Scheme (NHIS).  
Under the theme Proactive prevention: implementation and monitoring, the meeting aims to continue providing a common framework of the security council to the public sector and promote, at the same time, the exchange of knowledge between spanish public administrations; a cooperation essential to enhance cybersecurity of agencies and organizations.
With the different talks over the programme, be provided to users and assistants, various alternatives to improve prevention and detection of threats and cyber attacks. The Encounter with the participation of the head of the department of Safety of the NCC, Javier Candau, and the director, division of Planning and coordination of the Secretariat-General for administration Digital, Miguel Ángel Amutio.
Also, of the presentations that will take place within the framework of the celebration III meeting of the NHIS, among others, 'proactive prevention, monitoring and compliance', offered by Pablo López, CCN; fact sheet 'cyber-safety for local Entities, Carlos Galán;' compliance with the NHIS and legal certainty in the administration of justice ', offered by sea de las Heras, Procesia projects and services; or' Qualifications in the cloud ', CCN-PYTEC.
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