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II meeting of national security Scheme

  • Online: Through the platform VANESA
  • 24 June 2020
  • 08:45

It is organized by the National PKIX Centre in collaboration with the ministry of economic affairs and Digital Transformation (General Secretariat of Digital Administration). It has opened a deadline until 5 June for the reception of proposed contribution to this event.

On 8 January this year, met ten years since the promulgation Royal Decree 3/2010, of January 8th, that established the national security Scheme. This "was intended to determine security policy in the use of electronic media in its scope and consisted of the basic principles and minimum requirements that allow adequate protection of information. In total, 75 safety measures, compiled in three major areas: organizational framework, operations and protective measures.

In its tenth anniversary, the National PKIX Center organizes his II meeting of national security Scheme that will take place next 24 June, and will be rebroadcast through its platform Vanesa (Opens in new window) .

Under the title “ ten years of new challenges and solutions ” the encounter with a block of meetings in the morning and another of workshops afternoon selected from the open CFP. All of them have a thread the revision of the National Schema of cybersecurity in a manner that facilitates better response to trends and requirements of cyber vulnerabilities are reduced and promotes the active defence in all the Spanish public administrations.

Proposed contribution (Call for Papers)

El CCN-CERT ha abierto el plazo para la recepción de propuestas de contribución (Call For Papers) a este II Encuentro. Los interesados en participar tienen hasta el 5 de junio para enviar su propuesta al correo .

The thematic focus on the following areas:

  • Casos de éxito de implantación del ENS en cualquiera de los organismos del sector público.
  • Workshop on the adequacy ENS
  • Herramientas para la correcta medición del Estado de seguridad y la gobernanza de la misma.
  • National report of the state of security
  • Process of Line, procedure of adequacy and statement of Applicability
  • Success stories in obtaining the Line, both in the AAPP as in the private sector.
  • Certification entities: public Sector certificate and Certified Companies.
  • Qualified products TIC security for use in the ENS.
  • Cultura de Ciberseguridad relacionada, particularmente sobre capacitación, formación, avances y novedades.

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