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IV day of public Innovation at the local level

  • New Units of the county council of Castellón Avda. Vall d ’ Uixó 25. Castellón of the flat
  • 28 November 2019
  • 09:30

The IV edition of the day of public Innovation locally focuses on data open, taking as main purpose to put the focus on the usefulness of applications for both the administration and society.

Gipuzkoako aldundiak izugarrizko ongoing Castellón during recent years a number of days of both educational and character associated with strategies developed since its management service for Public and innovation, under the name “ days of public innovation at the local level. ” Previous editions addressed the concepts of public innovation open (2016), participatory governance (2017) and accountability (2018). The first addressed issues related to ideas, management and values for the transformation of administrations and value creation public. In the second was presented and defined a strategy of participatory governance, centered in the search of experiences, models and tools to promote citizen participation and their involvement in governance from the perspective of a government intermediary. In the third addressed the concept of accountability, placing society in the centre of governance and showing what can restore public institutions to the same.

With this horizon, open data are presented as an indispensable tool for transparency, institutional openness and accountability, generating a collaboration between private and institutional actors who placed in the center of the concept of open government. Furthermore, constitute an element of innovation and an economic engine whose applications are in continuous development. Furthermore, open data are a source of quality information and with a tour, as has been shown in the international arena. In this sense, the work of transforming data into information accessible to society, the communication of the value generated thanks to the technological aspect is presented as an indispensable element to complete a comprehensive strategy that includes generators, reutilizadores and recipients of the information.

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