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The meeting Brings 2017: value of data in the global ecosystem

  • (C/Poet Joan Maragall, 41
  • 24 october 2017
  • 09:00

Under the slogan “ The value of data in the global ecosystem ”, 24 october will take place the 7th edition of the event Brings, organized by registrar in collaboration with the ministries of energy, tourism and Digital Agenda, and the ministry of finance and Public service.

Experts on international open data, such as: Stephen Walker, former head of open data from the government of Canada; Barbara Ubalidi, chairperson of the unit of E-Government of the Oecd; Szymon Lewandowski, Policy Officer of the Policy unit data and Innovations of the european Union and Fabrizio Scrollini executive director of the Latin American Initiative open database, as the representative of civil society, will share views with national experts from the public and private sector and academia.

The development of this seventh edition has been structured in three thematic areas. The first will be a round table aimed to analyse how the adequate development of data has a clear socio-economic impact, both qualitatively and quantitatively. The analysis of progress in the map of international route of the open database it will be aimed at the second module, which aims to reflect how the data is progressing with open greater momentum when it is aligned with agendas relevant to the international level on the rules and good practices in areas that relate to the value chain. The third module will address new technologies linked to data in general, and at the open data in particular. The internet of things, technologies of the natural language processing or big data new trends are increasingly present in making progress in the area of re-use of data.

During the day of the late submission of conclusions of the pre-events held in the context of the meeting. Adolfo Antón and Ana Isabel Cordoba will reveal the conclusions of the day “ Challenges and prospects of journalism of data ”, which will be held on tuesday, 10 october in Media Lab Prado (Opens in new window) ; José Luis Bueren, Director of the Digital library and information systems National library of Spain (Opens in new window) will the news of the “ II Jornada - The culture of open data ”, which will take place on 19 october in Madrid at the headquarters of the BNE; Alberto Abella unes pinzellades offer of the report prepared by COTEC foundation (Opens in new window) on the reuse of data for the generation of business , which will be submitted prior to the day; finally, the spokesman of the working meeting on “ Local authorities and open data ”, organized by the Spanish network of Intelligent Cities (Opens in new window) (USE) and Spanish federation of municipalities Provinces (Opens in new window) (FEMP), will future directions of work arising after the holding of the meeting.

We shall now proceed to the delivery of the Provides awards (Opens in new window) - by Domingo Molina, secretary-General for administration, and josé Manuel Leceta, Director-General registrar - in its two modalities. On the one hand, a recognition of the best experiences already made on the reuse of public information by giving visibility to companies that have contributed their initiatives to the achievement of the reuse of public data And on the other, will be announced the winners Challenge Brings (Opens in new window) , whose aim is to reward the best three prototype applications, solutions and/or services which use and reuse open involving public and improved efficiency of public administrations in Spain.

The the event registration (Opens in new window) , which will take place in morning and afternoon in Madrid in the dag hammarskjöld state secretariat for the information society and the Digital Agenda in Madrid (C/Poet Joan Maragall, 41), is now available.

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