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I meeting of Citizen Folder

  • Secretary-General for administration Digital (SGAD). Calle Marí Of Molina, 50 (room 928)
  • 27 november 2017
  • 12:30

This forum was created with the aim of pooling the vision of the public and private sector in relation to the development of digital administration and services provided to citizens, people fí ­ basic jurí ­ and tips.

In this meeting point, the private sector can learn first hand the progress of the AAPP in this area and, in turn, to present its considerations and so for more information on the forum, has created a Community (Opens in new window) in the Portal of E-government PAe.

The First meeting of The Citizen will have a Folder format similar to that held with An Invoice -FACe-, which has been able to attend in person at above units, but also through videoconference REUNETE path.

By capacity constraints, it is requested that the meeting Only to come face to face a person by entity; without limitation of trainees in the form of videoconference.

For those interested in becoming involved must contact email where it will facilitate their instructions and passwords (if you wish to access by videoconference) or confirmation of assistance if one selects the option; as well as its agenda, the programme and the topics covered in this first edition of the forum of Citizen Folder.

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  • Centre for technology transfer