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I Conference Sharing and Reuse

  • Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB), Praça do Império, 1449-003 Lisboa. Portugal.
  • 29 march 2017
  • 09:30

Sharing and Reuse 2017 is organized under the auspices of the programme of the ISA ² ISA Unit of the directorate-General for informatics (DIGIT) of the european commission and brings together representatives of the public administrations, policy and decision makers, professionals, managers and developers of YOU of the private sector to offer solutions for public administration.

The modernization of public administration through the sharing and reuse of solutions will be the main focus of the event. Participants discussed how the sharing and reuse of software open code may allow local public administrations, regional, national and european electronic offer better services to citizens at a cost reduced, while promoting interoperability, standardization and cooperation between them. It was also shared and discussed good practices related to the sharing and reuse of it solutions (software and services) to political and practical level.
The awards ceremony, Sharing & Reuse rewarding the best cases of collaboration between the public to provide shared solutions will be the highlight of the conference.

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  • Interadministrativa cooperation
  • Centre for technology transfer