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I Week Open Data Lab of Barcelona

  • Majority. Plaça Can “ Suris ” s/n. Cornella de Llobregat (08940) Barcelona.
  • 11 july 2017 - 13 july 2017
  • 08:30

In july, the OpenDataLab organizes the "I Setmana Open Data d ’ estiu". A series of activities to bring to businesses and citizens what is, how is it applied the advantages of Open Data.

Open Data initiative Lab, Barcelona Open Data, organizes this summer a week of training on open data so as to bring this matter to citizens and businesses. The meeting will take place the next few days 11, 12 and 13 july in Majority.

“ Create projects based on open data ” is the title of the first day, which is framed within the free activities on a regular basis that offers the Citizen School Open Data Lab. The chat, “ the economics of data ” will take place on 12 july, where Alberto Abella set out the potential of the data to generate economic activity and how companies can reuse the data to create new products or improve their competitiveness. With this, there will also be involved in a day, focused on small and medium-sized enterprises.

On 13 july Deconferencia will be held, in which various people explained tricks and tools for analysis and display of data.

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