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What is a community?

A community of collaboration offers the possibility of addressing those issues of concern or curiosity in the field of electronic administration to provide a platform to exchanging experiences and knowledge. Communities PAe collaboration may be open to Public Administrations as citizens and companies.

Within communities, in addition to being able to establish a dialogue in their internal forums is allowed to share documentation and related information.

Available communities

The communities currently available are:

  • Accessibility community . User community of the Observatory of Accessibility to knowledge-sharing in this area and use the diagnostic service on-line accessibility.
  • The forum for the electronic record . Collaborative workspace público-privada to document, record and electronic file.
  • Forum Citizen Folder . To pool the vision of the public and private sector in relation to the development of digital administration and services provided to citizens, both natural and legal persons.
  • Electronic forum . In this forum was presented and discussion on the current situation of the invoice, options for improvement and progress in the short, medium and long-term plan for the full integration of the invoice in buying processes of public administrations.

Users of communities

In addition to the user that only get the general information about the community, there are three types of users: administrators, contributors and users.

  • Question: have permits to display tabs deprived of the community and possibility to participate in the forum associated with it.
  • Contributors: in addition to the consultation can contribute to the tab of documentation.
  • Community managers: control all the contents of the community and the user management.

New communities

If you wish to create a new community you can request collaboration through the Focus integrators and Developers (Opens in new window) : indicating, in addition to the contact details, the name and objective with the community.