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Budgets of information technologies and communications from the state administration

  • This report analyzes the dimension and structure of expenditure and investment in information technology and communications from the state administration and Social security. In its Last edition, relating to the budgets of 2015 and performance for 2014

    The study for both the budget 2015 as for the execution of the 2014 has found in addition to the State subsector and Social security, autonomous agencies, state agencies and Public agencies. The reports of previous years for the study of budgetary implementation of the previous year only took into account the subsector Status and Social security.


    Secretariat of state of Public function.
    General Secretariat of Digital Administration.
    Investment division TIC.


    Participation of others

    Overall direction of Budgets.

    General Intervention of administration of the State.

    Overall direction of management of Social security.

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