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Report IRIA

  • After the last modification by royal decree law 806 / 2014, 26 September, creates the commission of TIC Strategy, among others, the role of “ act as Observatory of the E-government and Digital Transformation ” taking over to the High Council of E-government. To this end, the commission of the TIC Strategy of “ information collection of technological resources, human, economic and related to information technologies ” and published in the Portal E-government (PAe) combined presenting the results of these studies.

    The report IRIA presents an overview of the situation and use of systems and information technologies and communications in public administrations of a local nature, collecting major aggregates of the sector and its evolution, highlighting their peculiarities and thus encouraging the creation of a general framework to guide future decisions of planning and procurement systems and information technologies in the administrative field.

    The information system IRIA has as the Local Government Level and is updated biennially

    The Report IRIA produces, therefore, with every two years, specifically numbered years, while the odd years produces the report QUEEN only on the basis of updating the IF Queen.


    • Secretariat of state of Public function.
    • General Secretariat of Digital Administration.

    Participating agencies

    • Provincial and Chartered, tips and Island Councils and municipalities.
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