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European report on the situation of public administration and digital interoperability 2020


In the new report of the european commission The state of play report on digital public administration and interoperability 2020 , (Opens in new window) Spain is presented as a country example of good practices in the implementation of the european Interoperability Framework (EIF). Highlights as factors of success of the country for promoting the interoperability: the ongoing efforts to maintain the momentum at the national level, the collective commitment of all actors and alignment with the EIF.

The analysis in this report is based on the technical data sheets of Digital Government 2018 and 2019, and in the technical data sheets of Digital Administration 2020, drawn up by the european commission for each country. These Include the results achieved in the monitoring Mechanism 2019 the european framework for interoperability (EIF) measuring the implementation of the EIF by member states, and is based on a set of 68 KPIs, grouped into three pillars: principles, levels and concept of interoperability.
The following figure shows the results obtained by Spain in this new mechanism of monitoring, where you can appreciate the good performance of the country, with particularly positive results in the chapters on “ Conceptual Model ” (conceptual model) and “ Interoperability Layers ” (levels of interoperability):

Situation of interoperability in Europe (NIFO) - report 2020 (details in the previous text)