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E-government strategies

  • The E-government and policies of the European Union

    The strategy for a Digital Single Market for Europa has promoted the action Plan of electronic administration 2016-2020 dealing with issues such as the connection of business registers throughout Europe, which businesses and citizens bring your data only once the AA.PP. to realize the principle of ‘ only once ’ (in English once-only), as well as the update of the European framework of interoperability, available since March 2017. Subsequently, the ministerial declaration of electronic administration of Tallin has been to strengthen the commitment to the principles of this Action Plan, particularly the following: digital by default, inclusion and accessibility principle of only once, confidence and security, openness and transparency and interoperability by default.

  • The Ministerial Statements of E-government

    El desarrollo de la Administración Electrónica en la Unión Europea ha partido del consenso alcanzado entre los Estados miembros en Declaraciones Ministeriales. La última de ellas fue adoptada en la ciudad de Tallín en 2017 y refuerza el compromiso con los principios del Plan de Acción de Administración electrónica 2016-2020.

  • The action plans of E-government

    The Ministerial Statements, together with successive strategies for the development of the information society, have led to action plans of E-government developed by the European commission, which are the roadmap to achieve the objectives of statements. The European Commission adopted on 19 April 2016 the “ action Plan of European Electronic Administration 2016-2020 ”, which accelerates the digital transformation of the administration

  • Relación de documentos de desarrollo de la Administración Electrónica en Europa

    Here you can find a relationship of documents that have facilitated the development of E-government in the European Union

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