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E-government strategies in the european Union

  • The European Digital Strategy

    The European Digital Strategy for the period 2020-2025, submitted on the commission communication “ Modeling the future European digital ”, is structured around three axes: technology that works for the people, fair and competitive Economy and open society, democratic and sostenible.Dentro of each of these axes, includes a series of actions and their respective schedules.

  • The ministerial declarations of E-government

    The development of E-government in the european union has the consensus reached among member states in Ministerial Declarations. The latter was adopted in the city of Berlin in 2020 and reinforces the commitment of the development of digital administration based on values.

  • The plans of action of E-government

    The Ministerial Declarations, along with successive strategies for the development of the information society, have led to plans of action of E-government developed by the european commission, which are the road map for achieving the objectives of the Statements. The european commission adopted on 19 april 2016 the “ Plan of action of European Electronic Administration 2016-2020 ”, which accelerates the transformation of the administration digital

  • List of documents for the development of E-government in europe

    Here you can find a list of documents that have facilitated the development of the E-government in the european Union