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The large-scale Pilots (LSP - Large Scale Pilots) of the competitiveness and innovation programme (CIP - Competitiviness and Innovation Program) of the european commission aim to engage different european actors (public administrations, service providers and research centres) in the implementation of common solutions to provide cross-border public services online and accessible throughout europe.

The spanish government participates in five of them:

  • The project STORK2 (Secure idenTity across bORders linKed), which aims to facilitate the development and adoption of the identification and authentication, both for natural or juridical persons moving in the construction of a unique area for europe, interoperable and sustainable development,
  • The project GEN6 (Goverment ENable with IPv6), whose aim is to drive the deployment of IPv6 in europe, through the implementation of a number of pioneering experiences of transition to IPv6 in public administrations of different countries, and its dissemination in the european Union
  • The project epSOS (European Patients Smart Open Services), which focuses on the area of e-health and aims to achieve the exchange of basic data on patients (such as blood type) so that a doctor in another country to have access to the medical records of a patient who has moved temporarily to their country.
  • e-CODEX (e-Justice Communication via Online Data Exchange) seeks to develop the cooperation of member states in the field of electronic justice and facilitate collaboration in the implementation of the european payments (EPO), european arrest warrant (EAW) or the mutual recognition of financial penalties and fines.

The Last contribution to complete the construction of the digital single market is the project e-SENS that, based on the results of the five pilot projects on a large scale, it tries to identify and standardizing common blocks to facilitate the creation of an electronic cross-border infrastructure.

More information about the pilots of cross-border electronic services in: (Opens in new window)

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