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El proyecto Cliente @firma permite integrar tecnologías de firma electrónica en aplicaciones Web de un modo rápido y seguro, con independencia del hardware o software que pueda utilizar el usuario para acceder a estas aplicaciones, cumpliendo de este modo el principio de neutralidad tecnológica. Persigue ampliar la compatibilidad en la provisión de servicios públicos basados en firmas electrónicas y certificados con un mínimo esfuerzo e inversión por parte del proveedor de estos servicios.

The growing tendency to use mobile devices to connect to the internet makes it necessary to adapt the client's environment @firma desktop to the mobile world, extended the current compatibility (Windows, Linux, MAC) operating systems to the most widespread mobile. With this objective, the Ministry of Territorial policy and Public Service has developed a new application for mobile devices "Mobile Cliente@Firma", allowing you to incorporate the electronic signature to the services of electronic administration with minimum effort and investment and without the need for the rational use of software licenses or integrate complex products on their servers.

This will facilitate the implementation of the services based on electronic signature, now accessible through mobile channel, to maintain a consistent user experience and successful.

The jpa must be composed of the services of electronic administration wishing to incorporate mobility. Applications that already make use of @firma miniapplet have compatibility with the signing in mobility almost automatically. You can run a demonstration of use through the following website: https :// (Opens in new window)

For more information on the client @firma or such as integrating signature phone in your applications you can consular the initiative:

El proyecto Cliente @firma y "Cliente @firma móvil" es software libre.

Download application

La aplicación "Cliente @firma movil" está disponible para plataformas con sistema operativo Android (Opens in new window) and, for platforms iOS (Opens in new window) . Download is free from Google Play or the Apple App Store respectively.

Access Google play (Opens in new window)                 Access App Store (Opens in new window)


  • francisco101979 02/02/2018 to 10:04

    the implementation of no value is not the first thing you can download on mobile devices because always gives the error -504 and cannot be solved by no means should be developed to provide the option of making efforts with the mobile phone.

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