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Mobile application "electronic notifications"

Es un aplicación para dispositivos móviles que permite estar al tanto en cualquier lugar de las notificaciones y comunicaciones oficiales.

Proporciona un canal de entrega seguro, confidencial y privado para las Notificaciones y las Comunicaciones oficiales de la Administraciones Públicas.


  1. In order to use the application, you must before, you register on the website and dispose of an electronic certificate.
    Create a mailbox called E-Mail Enabled and from that moment you will receive communications and notifications of government agencies attached to this system
  2. Realizada el alta online, te podrás descargar la aplicación y empezar a utilizarla.
  3. You must install your electronic certificate in the device, which will allow you to enter your mailbox to accept, sign or reject any communication or notification.

Recalls an official service and therefore the requirements of identity, privacy and security are robust.


You forget to constantly awaiting your mailbox web of the E-Mail Enabled. The application is synchronized with the platform of Electronic Communications Service that manages your mailbox website (E-Mail Enabled).

La aplicación, a través de notificaciones push del dispositivo, te informa cada vez que una notificación entra en tu buzón, reduciendo el riesgo de que no conozcas a tiempo una notificación.

You will receive all its notifications and communications in one place and take them always at hand, on your phone, with full legal guarantees.

Your “mailbox! ” permanently in the pocket, wherever you are, becoming a management tool very useful, recording the receipt of the shipment.

Download the application

The application is available for both platforms with operating system media (Apple) (Opens in new window) as Android (Opens in new window)

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