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Digitalízate guide

The aim of this guide is facilitate the enforcement of laws by local entities through the access and use of the technological tools that the General secretariat of Digital Service available to all public administrations.

New obligations introduced by the laws:

  1. Have the tools and resources needed to ensure the electronic relationship with the required by law and with individuals who prefer before 2 October 2016.
  2. Files processed electronically
  3. File electronically
  4. Guarantee the right to information and transparency:
  5. Ensure an internal electronic operation
  6. Work in a coordinated and interoperable with other administrations

Digitalizate Logo

pdf   Guía para Entidades Locales para el cumplimiento de las Leyes 39 y 40/2015 (Opens in new window)   new

epub   Guide for Local Entities to enforce laws 39 and 40/2015 (Opens in new window)   new


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General access point

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