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Accessibility informational videos

Accessibility observatory

This section contains various videos intended to be a help for all public administrations in the implantation of Royal Decree 1112/2018 as well as to encourage the use of online diagnostics available in the community Accessibility. All these videos have been prepared within the initiative of the Observatory of Web accessibility.


Vídeos divulgativos de accesibilidad para la implantación del Real Decreto 1112/2018

  • Video of Implantation of the royal decree 1112/2018. Este vídeo explica, de forma resumida, las diferentes novedades que introduce el Real Decreto 1112/2018.
  • Video of Monitorization of the royal decree 1112/2018. This video addresses aspects on the follow-up and monitoring that will have to carry out in order to verify the conformity of websites and applications for mobile devices with accessibility requirements demanded by the R.D. 1112/2018 and reporting to the European commission.
  • Video of the declaration of accessibility. This video covers aspects concerning "Statement of accessibility" which must include all websites and mobile applications of the public sector agencies.
  • Video of the community of Accessibility . This video explains, concisely, operation and services offered by the community of Accessibility.
  • Video of the diagnostic service online. This video explains, a summary of the main functionalities of the diagnostic Service online offered by the Observatory of Web accessibility.
  • Video of the reports of accessibility developed by the Observatory. Este vídeo explica, de forma resumida, cómo utilizar un Informe de accesibilidad web generado por el Observatorio de accesibilidad web.