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Accessibility of social networks

En el año 2018 entraron en vigor la mayoría de las previsiones del Real Decreto 1112/2018.

In paragraph 2 of article 3 “ Ámbito objective of implementation ” of that R.D. provides a list of contents forced including multimedia content or temporary basis, meaning “ multimedia content from the temporary base ” any multimedia file of the following types: single audio, video, audio and video, or any of the previous combined with interaction (article 4 “ Definitions ”).

All obligations of the royal decree affect both own information and multimedia content generated by public administrations and disseminate through their web sites and mobile applications, regardless of the technological platform used for this . Therefore, also affects the contents that may be going up platforms like YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, etc.

Moreover, in the case of spain Ley 34/2002 de servicios de la sociedad de la información y de comercio electrónico (disposición adicional quinta punto 6) (Opens in new window) states that social networking platforms must also meet accessibility requirements, it is a direct obligation for platforms regardless of the use of them from within the administrations.

Youtube allows publishers of contents , i.e. the suppliers of videos, automatically generate subtitles for the video uploaded.

The Observatory of Web Accessibility has generated the  que explica de una manera sencilla y eminentemente práctica la forma de generar los subtítulos para los videos. Con esta guía también aprenderá a editarlos para corregir los posibles errores que puedan contener o incluir toda la información sonora y contextual relevante que sea necesaria para que dicho vídeo sea accesible.

The use of images in any social network is an important part in the user experience. Twitter has taken into account and allows members of their network add descriptions (alternative language) to ensure that persons with visual impairments might interpret the content of the images or other graphic elements.

In the blog of Twiter, you explain how accessible publishing images. These are the next steps:

How to enable the deed of descriptions of images at

  1. Click the icon of your profile and select Configuration and privacy in the drop down menu.
  2. Click on Accessibility in the list of configuration options.
  3. Search the check box Write image descriptions .
  4. Mark the box to activate or deactivate the configuration.
  5. Click Save changes .


Adding descriptions of images in Tweets at

  1. Click on the button post a Tweet .
  2. Attached you (s) photo (s).
  3. To write a descriptive text, click the image before publishing the tweet.
  4. Write the image description and click the apply button. To edit the description, re-opens the dialog to preview the image thumbnail before publishing the Tweet. (Has a limit of 420 characters).
  5. You can add a description to each image in a Tweet.


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