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Accessibility of mobile applications (apps)

Accessibility observatory

This section is geared to be useful to professionals of various profiles, as developers, content publishers or, in general, any individual devoted to the achievement of the objectives of accessibility of a mobile application at any stage of their life cycle (from the start of their design to the content management and monitoring during the production phase).

Using the instructions of the guide will be possible to generate native mobile applications accessible to the main operating systems (Android, media and/or Windows), as well as assessing the level of accessibility of the same, which can detect and eliminate potential barriers that an app can submit to users with disabilities.


La Universidad de Alcalá, en aras de facilitar la implantación y colaborar en la difusión del conocimiento, ha preparado algunos materiales al respecto del desarrollo de aplicaciones móviles accesibles y su validación que comparte en el espacio de Forja CTT en GITHUB (Opens in new window)

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