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Accessibility Responsible Units

The Units responsible for Accessibility (IVR) are responsible for ensuring compliance with accessibility requirements of the websites and applications for mobile devices within its sphere of competence, considering all possible public bodies and entities under public law dependent.

The scope of designation of the units according to its scope is:

  • A for each unit Ministry in the area of the Branches.
  • A for each unit Regional Government .
  • In the local entities and other agencies required (such as universities, courts, Congress, senate, etc.) shall be elected according to their own organizational characteristics, the unit responsible for accessibility. Each local authority to designate his unit responsible for accessibility except those cases, considering the size of the local authority and the work undertaken since the diputation or equivalent, be appropriate to appoint an accessibility responsible Only for multiple local entities.


The functions of these units are:

  • Coordinate and ensure effective communication established, to ensure that the inquiries, suggestions, communications, complaints and applications received are addressed effectively.
  • Addressing and responding to claims that may be redirigidas.
  • Assessment carried out for the exception of compliance with accessibility requirements for imposing them a disproportionate burden .
  • Coordination the periodic revisions of accessibility with the collaboration, if any, of information and communications.
  • To coordinate and promote advocacy, awareness-raising and training .
  • Make the annual reports set .
  • Act as contact point with the agency responsible for monitoring and reporting and collaborate with the tasks assigned to it.
  • Any other, that in ensuring the accessibility of websites and applications for mobile devices to be awarded.


Each Unit responsible for accessibility must prepare each year, three reports on their performance, whose specific formats are shown below:

Such reports must be released before the 1 october each year (from 2020). After that date, the ministry of economic and Digital Transformation through the Web accessibility Observatory will get in touch with the units Responsible for Accessibility, stating a way of getting these reports.


The procedure established for the notice of appointment or the modification of a unit responsible for accessibility is by surveying the mail account of the Observatory of Web Accessibility ( ) a document signed electronically, which includes the following information:

  • Contact details of the unit designated: name or named, code DIR3, address, phone and email.
  • Holder designated unit:
    • Name and surname
    • Email

General state administration

Ministry of agriculture, fisheries and food

Sub. Gral. Information and Communications

Ministry of economic and Digital Transformation

Sub-department of Inspection Services

Ministry of foreign affairs, European Union and cooperation

General directorate of Diplomatic communication and information

Ministry of science and innovation


Ministry of Consumption

Division of technology and information services

Ministry of culture and sport


Ministry of defence

Sub-Department of publications and Cultural Heritage

Ministry of social rights and Agenda 2030

Division of information technologies and communications

Ministry of education and training

Sub-Department of information technologies and communications

Ministry of finance and Public Service

Sub-department Web Services, transparency and data protection

Autonomous Communities


Directorate of Área of modernization of public administrations

La Rioja

Directorate General of the Digital Agenda


Sub-department E-government


Directorate General of the information society


Directorate-General for informatics Corporate


Section of innovation and Administrative Modernization

The Basque Country

Directorate of citizenship and Innovation and improvement of the administration


General directorate for Digital Divide

Other Institutions

Spanish data protection agency


Independent authority for the Fiscal Responsibility

Independent authority for the Fiscal Responsibility

Bank of spain

Governance and transparency. (D.G. of Deputy Secretary-General)

National commission on the markets and competition (CNMC)

Sub-department systems of information and communication technologies

National securities market commission (CNMV)

Department of strategy and innovation

Technical committee of the Electronic Judicial Administration

Technical committee of the Electronic Judicial Administration

The ombudsman

Accessibility unit Digital and transformation

Resolution authority FROB Executive

Derpartamento of Communication

Constitutional Court