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Suite of products related to human resources management in the General state administration

Through the set of applications of human resources management provides a horizontal services provided by operational relating to the human resources management in the public authorities. These services and applications are made available to the General state administration.

Direct services to end-users

  • The Central Register of personnel (RCP): its function is to conduct the registration and recording of all acts of relevance of the administrative life of civil servants from its sphere of activity, from entering the service of AGE until its relationship with the same. For the public empelado is one model of transparency of all acts that affect their lives, as can be consulted all, in addition to its official registration, through Functions . To RR.HH manager is a unique tool in the management of staff at all times because the state of the staff under his/her Area of competence and to incorporate. For those responsible for public policies is an important source of information to the precise knowledge of the current situation and anticipation of future and for making decisions.
  • Portal of the public servant - (Opens in new window) : it is a portal of the Intranet (accessible only through the SARA network ) element of communication between all government employees of AGE. It consists of a topical area where those aspects are integrated innovative interest (training, information, notices, …) and publications of the competitions and notice boards for mobility. Furthermore, in the area staff is available, after the necessary authentication, the payroll of the units that use Nedaes, certificates of PERSONAL INCOME TAX (IRPF), the personnel file with all the administrative situations and their official registration partners, the economic data of the pension scheme, the directory of staff in the service of AGE and access to institutional image. There are also the so-called Working Spaces that offer the possibility of creating restricted areas in which you can post new content of those units themselves wishing to secure an area of common information.
  • CECIR Portal (Opens in new window) : Workspace for entirely electronic human resources managers of ministerial departments with powers of submitting dossiers of modifications and CECIR. This portal offers its services only through SARA network . Maintains total integration with the RCP so that the approved modifications are incorporated immediately to the relations of the RCP.

Solutions cloud

It is complete solutions at the disposal of the public administrations to respond to common needs to use them from a single point provided services.

  • The Central Register of personnel (RCP) : The RCP plans in its rules of procedure the formalisation of Agreements with other public administrations to exercise as a tool for keeping their functions. More than 30 Public Universities in spain have signed this functionality to its staff, resulting in high savings resulting from economies of scale.
  • Integrated management system SIGP Staff : allows managing electronic completely of a comprehensive set of procedures hr management through the use of electronic signature in all its phases, including the participation of a public employee, with the exchange of information between the units involved in a completely telematics and with full integration with the Central Register of personnel.
  • Badaral : it is an important tool in support of integrated hr managers with the information system of the Central register of personnel and the portal CECIR. Contains two sets of differentiated data as are data from the RCP and data from own internal management of each agency of each of the features provided by the system.
  • It works: The Portal works, through the spaces works, allows the creation of spaces for own intranet access well open or restricted, for inclusion of information of interest of those units areas need to disseminate information, the savings of creation and maintenance of portals through economies of scale.
  • Permitting FABRIC and events: It is the system used by the secretariat of state of public administration for processing permits both (holidays, moscosos, etc.) and incidents (oblivion card is low, medical, etc.) for the agency's staff. It also implements the control of which is the time of public employees through integration with control systems existing presence. The provision of the facility allowed for the incorporation of new agencies in the infrastructure to count on all administrative permits to control their secondment.

Products available

It is complete solutions that can be ceded to other public administrations to be installed and run from their organizations.

  • Default - NEDAES payroll : allows managing payroll, including in the area of law 30/1984, as provided under the law 7/2007 of the Basic Statute of the public employee, according to the regulations governing payroll processing. The groups which allows to manage are Senior staff member, staff, staff serving in the official foreign labour, labour, the service of the administration of the state abroad.


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