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Rows of the administration

After the publication of the law 39/2015, 1 October, Common Administrative procedure of public administrations, records of public administrations are regulated by Article 16. Provides the obligation of all public administrations for a general interoperable electronic registration, or, in their case, adhere to the General administration of the State. If there is no specific procedure in the electronic site destination agency, these records enable stakeholders to submit their applications on paper, which will be converted to electronic format and as authenticated copy will be issued viewed to administrative units stations.

Suite of products related to electronic records.

The General Secretariat of Digital Administration of the ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function has launched a set of initiatives that allow us to move in the implantation of electronic records in all areas administrative and promote the exchange of registration.

There are various ways in which they are lent services:

Common Elements

Horizontal components are those that can be integrated into different applications to build or sustain a service of electronic administration

  • Network system records (SIR). Enables interconnect eyewitnesses registration offices and exchange and electronic registration, on the basis of THER SICRES 3.0.

Solutions in cloud

It is complete solutions made available to the public administrations to respond to common needs using them from a single point that provides the service.

  • Electronic registration General AGE . Ofrece al resto de administraciones públicas la habilitación de su uso para recibir las solicitudes, escritos y comunicaciones dirigidas a su organismos y que no se ajustan a los procedimiento administrativos ya contemplados en su registro electrónico propio. Es obligatorio que todas las Administraciones Públicas provean este servicio, bien por medios propios o usando al Registro Electrónico General de la AGE.
  • – ORVE Virtual registry office . The registry office Virtual (ORVE) is a service in the cloud offered to all offices of registration with the existing cooperation agreement signed. It allows scanning of the documentation that presents the citizen in registry offices, applying the digitization at checkpoints with full window legal validity, and sending this documentation electronically to the destination via the Network system records (SIR).
  • CONSERVATIONISTS . Integral solution of registration for public bodies, which covers the management of both their registration offices and target tramitadoras units of documentation. This Last feature of management of units tramitadoras difference to office CONSERVATIONISTS Virtual record ORVE, where the management is at the level of registration offices. Allows the digitization of the documentation provided by the citizen in the offices and the exchange of rows in electronic format with other agencies connected to the platform SIR. Is ready for operation in cloud mode to provide the service to any public agency quotation.

Direct services to citizens

  • Electronic registration General AGE (Opens in new window)  . Posibilita la presentación de solicitudes, escritos y comunicaciones dirigidas a la AGE y sus Organismos Públicos que no se ajusten a procedimientos administrativos ya contemplados en los registros electrónicos de las distintas Administraciones.

Technical specifications

  • Norm SICRES 3.0 . Modelo de Datos para el intercambio de asientos entre Entidades Registrales.
  • Sicres-tester . Service offered to the public administrations to test the fulfilment of the specifications of SICRES 3.0.
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