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Integrated platforms for local and Autonomous Communities

One of the complex problems to offer new services to other public administrations is the management of its users and profiles of access. In Addition, in terms of end-user you need to use these services, access to many of them from a single access point greatly simplifies the management and encourages them to make greater use of these services.

The General Directorate of Administrative Procedures, and encouraging the E-government offers different public administrations, integrating in a single point services offered to local entities or the autonomous communities. The final service would remain in any event offered by the unit responsible for This but recipients (EELL or/and REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS) would agree to It from the same point.

In addition, these provide a platform identity management of public employees of local entities or/and autonomous communities, including its position and roles that can be accessed via the web services. Finally, we also offer a Single portal that provides authentication single sign-on among all the services offered.

Public administrations, providing a service to local entities or autonomous communities may decide on the services of which would use platforms integrated.

On the basis of recipients of services offered 2 integrated access points perfectly differentiated:


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