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The Digital transformation Plan of the General administration of the state and its Government Agencies (Opens in new window) the strategy TIC, constitutes the entire strategic framework for progress in the transformation of the administration, establishing its guiding principles, objectives and actions to achieve them, as well as milestones for the gradual development of Digital administration with a time horizon until 2020.

The strategy TIC incorporates the recommendations of the OCDE for the development of digital administration strategies and feeds on the close relationship with acts, policies and services of the European Union siding with the digital agenda for Spain (Opens in new window) and the new strategy of the European Commission Digital Single market (Opens in new window) . Likewise, is a clear tool for the implementation of new laws 39/2015, 1 October, Common Administrative procedure of public administrations (Opens in new window) 40/2015, 1 October, of Legal Regime of the public Sector (Opens in new window) .

The construction of the TIC Strategy has been driven from Direction of information technologies and communication DTIC - desde finales del año 2014. Su gestación ha sido un proceso colaborativo en el que han participado desde los diferentes departamentos de la AGE a través de los Governance bodies getting achieve widespread consensus.

The strategy TIC was presented at the Strategy committee TIC – CETIC 15 September 2015. In this meeting, attended by representatives of all ministries at the highest level of responsibility, adopted the elevation to Council of ministers of the adoption of the TIC Strategy and the strategy has finally been adopted by the cabinet on 2 October 2015.

The CETIC also adopted two key documents to initiate the provision of shared services: Regulatory framework for the declaration of shared services (Opens in new window) and the first statement of 14 shared services. (Opens in new window) This function, the shared services created by the Royal Decree 806/2014, 19 September, is one of the key operational instruments of the new governance TIC and falls within the strategic objective 3 of the strategy “ greater efficiency in the provision of services TIC ”, specifically the line of action 6 “ providing shared common services ”.

Para poner en marcha e implantar la Estrategia TIC es imprescindible que todas las Administration Ministerial Committees – CMAD Digital elaboren un plan de acción departamental para la transformación digital que, siguiendo las líneas establecidas en la estrategia general, defina las pautas para la digitalización de sus servicios y el rediseño integral de sus procesos. Con el propósito de que estos planes sigan una misma estructura y no se desvíen de los objetivos establecidos por la estrategia general se ha elaborado un  document with guidelines for the definition of these plans .

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