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SSD-AAPP version 4

The System of Support to the decision of the Public Administrations version 4 (hereinafter SSD-AAPP), is an automatic tool, based on a simple methodology, scientifically backed, secure and transparent manner that enhances the reliability and independence of decision-making.

The SSD-AAPP, allows to classify better worse, according to a pre-defined criteria, the various alternatives have as a solution to a problem.


This publication is intended for those readers, that by their participation or relationship with the decision-making processes of the public sector, are interested in the system of Support to the decision of the Public Administrations and complements the application that can be downloaded from the Directory of initiatives in the Centre for transfer of technology (PTT): More information on the tool in the CTT SSD-AAPP (Opens in new window)

Considering the diversity of readers can approach this publication and diverse scope of their interest, has opted to structure the content of the same in a set of distinct elements, which, with different composition and size intend to give answers to each particular reader.


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