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Agreements signed with the conference of rectors of Spanish universities (CRUE)

AGE (MINHAP) - CRUE Universidades Españolas. Convenio: Prestación mutua de soluciones básicas de administración electrónica

31 August 2016

Convenio marco de colaboración entre la Administración General del Estado (MINHAP) y CRUE Spanish Universities for the mutual benefit basic solutions of electronic administration. (pág.1-15)
This convention was signing on 31/08/2016 by the secretary of state of Public Administrations from the finance ministry and public administrations: D. Associació Beteta Germán Barreda and by the conference of Rectors of Spanish universities (CRUE): D. Second Píriz Durán.

  • NOTE : Also includes the Annex I : (30 p.)
    Technical specifications of the basic solutions of electronic administration :
    I) service of network connection SARA,
    (II) identification Systems and advanced electronic signature: @firma, Cl@ve
    (III) Communications between administrations by electronic means: III.a) Brokerage of data between administrations Públicas.iii.b) Network system records
    (IV) practice of the notification by electronic means: E-mail enabled and catalogue of procedures of the electronic notifications service.
    V) for purposes of representation: Electronic record of Hijacking.
    VI) documentary management systems and file.
    VII) Catálogo de Procedimientos y Servicios: Sistema de Información Administrativa (SIA)
    Also includes the Annex II : (1 page) Accession agreement

  • Common infrastructure and services
  • Administrative cooperation
  • Electronic services
General access point
General access point