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Regulation of the valencia region

Selection of the laws and regulations of the valencia region.

NOTE . It is a first approximation of legislation. There is a comprehensive compilation of this matter.

In valencia. Conselleria de Justice and Public Administrations

14 october 2010

Decree no. 165/2010, of 8 october, del Consell, establishing measures to simplify and reduce administrative burdens in the procedures operated by the Generalitat administration and public sector. DOCV: 14/10/2010

  • NOTE: creates the Electronic Headquarters of the Generalitat allows citizenship carry out all the proceedings, procedures and services relevant to the Generalitat by electronic means.

  • Electronic services
  • Infrastructure and common services

In valencia. Conselleria de Infrastructure and Transport

18 february 2004

Decreto 18/2004, de 13 de febrero, del Consell de la Generalitat, de creación del Registro Telemático de la Generalitat and the regulation of telematic notifications of the Generalitat. DOCV: 18/02/2004

  • Electronic services
  • Infrastructure and common services