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III Jornadas on information technologies for the modernization of public administrations (TECNIMAP '93) - Granada

By Resolution of 21 october 1992 (Opens in new window) (BOE de 12 de noviembre), del Consejo Superior de Informática, se convocaron las III Jornadas sobre Tecnologías de la Información para la Modernización de las Administraciones Públicas, TECNIMAP-93.

These Courses were held on 19, 20 and 21 may 1993 in the Granada conference and exposition palace, in partnership with the board of Andalucía.en such conferences were held round tables and panel techniques that were carried out by an invited lecturer and whose interventions especially addressed the following seven thematic areas:

  1. The impact of information and communication technologies in the effectiveness and quality of management of public administrations.
  2. The citizens and information and communications. The project of Law of The legal regime for Public administration and the Common Administrative Procedure.
  3. La formación en tecnologías de la información y las comunicaciones en las Administraciones Públicas.
  4. Interconnection of networks.
  5. Information systems security.
  6. Integration of information systems among administrations.
  7. Information and communications in the context of savings from the public authorities.
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