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I Jornades on information technologies in public administration - Madrid, 1989

By Resolution of 26 july 1989 (Opens in new window) (BOE of 2 september), of the high council of computer technology, las convened on information technologies in public administration.

These Courses were held on 27, 28 and 29 november 1989 at the palais des congrès in Madrid, taking to the study of information within a process of modernization of public administration, through main papers entrusted to an invited lecturer, distributed on seven Themes:

  1. Information technologies as a tool for modernization of the internal management.
  2. Information technology in improving the provision of services provided to citizens and businesses.
  3. Strategies, policies, plans and projects of computerization in the various sectors of administration.
  4. The importance of human resources as a critical factor in the process of computerization.
  5. The improvement of communications as a decisive factor in modernization of the administration.
  6. Information technology in territorial administrations.
  7. The impact of the europe of the 93 in information systems of public administrations.