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Service for the users

21 - The management of change in library services through the use of radio frequency

Pillar Domínguez Sánchez
Agency for informatics and communications of the community of Madrid

22 - Free choice of all health services of the community of Madrid (LIBERTAS ELIGENDI)

María Sampedro Zaida Loan
Agency for informatics and communications of the community of Madrid

23 - Comprehensive platform for attention to the unit of the community of Madrid

Miguel Ángel García Martín
Agency for informatics and communications of the community of Madrid

24 - The role of the cibertecas with a view to achieving such full availability and use of public services; the role of the coordinators in extending those public services to more distant locations of technologies

Victor Visairas White
Agency of the knowledge and Technology. The government of La Rioja

25 - Automated telephone citizen

José Manuel Peña Hinojosa
Ayuntamiento de Ávila

26 - City of Castellón: A strategy multichannel electronic interaction with citizenship

Antonio García Alfaro
Municipality of Castellón

27 - Service emergencies and for persons with disabilities autiditva

David López López
Municipality of castellón de la Plana

28 - Maintenance of the city (FSC) of the city of Castellón

Your Olaria Moreno
Municipality of Castellón

29 - Evolution of the project Geocuenca del Ayuntamiento de Cuenca

Carlos J. Strong Strong
Municipality of Cuenca

30 - Electronic administration: CONECT@ Galapagar

Carlos Gómez Díaz
Ayuntamiento de Galapagar

31 - An observatory for persons

Llorenç Fernández Matamoros
Ayuntamiento de Sant Boi de Llobregat

32 - E-government Chair in the city of Toledo.

Francisco Javier Martín Head
City of Toledo

33 - E-Patrimonio Standardized Digitization Documentary.

Luis Torres Freixinet

34 - IDEZAR 2.0: Interaction, usability and accessibility

María Jesús Fernández Ruiz

35 - Citizen Card in Zaragoza

Carlos Alocén Mayor

36 - On-line Surveys

Alejandro Ortuñez Alonso
C. A. de Euskadi

37 - Modernization of justice since the formation and change management

Mauritius Sánchez Aguilera
Legal studies centre

38 - The download center of geographical Data IGN-CNIG

Francisco López Turkey frameworks
National centre for Geographic information. Ministerio de Fomento

Case 39 - Éxtio e-government in the autonomous community of Murcia: Internet "" IV

Manuel Escudero Sánchez
Autonomous community of the region of Murcia

40 - IT-TXARTELA: towards a E-administración competent ICT

Ana Isabel Vitórica Leoz
The basque country