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Efficiency and sustainability

21 - Georeferencing systems to support educational processes: the example of educaSIG (geographic information system Of Education) in andalusia

Francisco Silveira García - Junta de andalucia
Juan Antonio Suárez López, Antonio Bookseller SADIEL Pajuelo -

22 - CMDB as backbone of ITL in the health department of the Junta de andalucia

Jesus Gomez Castle
Health department of the Junta de andalucia

23 - MOSKitt, a free tool that supports the implementation of development methodologies

Begoña Bonet pérez de León
Department of infrastructure and transport Generalitat Valenciana.

24 - Cost savings, maintenance and improvement of security with VDI virtualizada infrastructure with Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenDesktop

Santos Pardos Gotor
Aragon corporation Radio and television

- Draft 25 ETER. Standardization of Environmental Data

Juan Carlos Rúber Simon
Department of environment of the government of Aragón, General Directorate of environmental quality and climate change

26 - Electronic services D.G. cadastre; clients, figures and uses

Carmen Rabbit Fernandez
General direction of the cadastre

27 - The digital competence in the government YOU in the public administration

Sebastian Justice Pérez
Barcelona provincial council

28 - Practical case in the DT. The quality management system at the world of technology: what is a Quality department?

Daniel Cabrero Moreno
General Directorate of Trafficking

29 - Continuous improvement process based on ITIL and CMMI-ACQ

Santiago Dominguez Salamanca
General Directorate of traffic. Ministry of Interior

30 - System IKS ma: handling and management of environmental data and information in the basque REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS

Mikel Ballesteros García
Eusko Jaurlaritza - Basque Government

31 - Draft interoperability in the basque government: Interface for the consumption of interoperable data flow management

Arturo López Ruiz
The Basque Government

32 - Open Innovation. Portal de ideas del Departament d'Interior, Relacions Institucionals i Participació de la Generalitat de Catalunya

Elvira Balcells' Fluvià
Generalitat de Catalunya

33 - New trends and challenges to ensure that the citizens and provide copies of certificates in their relations with the administrations

Josep Lluís Rodríguez Vázquez
Generalitat de Catalunya

34 - Administrative simplification and the elimination of burdens for businesses: The experience of the office of Corporate Governance in Catalunya

All Macià Cervera
Generalitat de Catalunya

35 - Generalitat de la Comunitat Valenciana: pattern of simplification and reduction of administrative burdens 2010-2012

José Luis Gaona Barthelemy
Generalitat de la Comunitat Valenciana

36 - Modernization of registry offices and government of aragón. Integration and Interoerabilidad webcast 060 (SIR)

María Ángel Cantín Lozano
Ricardo Cantabrana González
Government of aragón

37 - System for the management and analysis of educational quality

Francisco Mir Camps
Government of aragón - Department of education, culture and sport

38 - Comprehensive system of the time of the canary islands

Pedro Juan Baquero Pérez
The canary islands

39 - Architecture SOA (Service) + EDA (Events) + BPM (Processes) based on Open Source technology for the interoperability of systems of human resources information of all departments of the autonomous community of The Canary Islands

Mª del Carmen Clavijo "Fariñas, Raúl Kripalani
The canary islands

40 - A collaborative management model and the integration of channels

Mercedes Martínez Pérez, Antonio Ruiz Lasanta
The government of La Rioja