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The role of ict in the defence and security

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At this table will review how the information and telecommunication technologies play a key role in the framework of national defence.

Line 3: Efficiency and sustainability

Wednesday, 7 april session 3 - - - 18:00 16:00 - Room B

The contemporary world is facing major challenges in defence. These challenges such as: terrorism, the proliferation of low-intensity wars, piracy, electronic warfare or threats on the intelligence services, oblige states to redouble its efforts to provide effective protection mechanisms, aimed at defending freedom and security of the ict systems ciudadanos.Los dedicated to the defence has special characteristics that differentiate special and namely: high internal complexity but simplicity of operation for the final operator; moment instantaneous; integration with other intelligence systems and logistics; interoperability with solutions and equipment of our allies; security techniques with advanced authentication and encryption; redundancy of information and networks; decentralized structure but decisively centralizada.Los requirements of the new systems can be reached only if they intertwine three basic technologies: electronics, software and telecomunicaciones.En this panel will review how the information and telecommunication technologies play a key role in the framework of the national defence. See more (Opens in new window)

Moderator :

  • Mrs. Monica Melle Hernández The director-General of defence Infrastructure, ministry of defence

Panellists :

  • D. Antonio Gibert Oliver . General de Brigada del Cuerpo General del Ejército del Aire (JDSIT), Ministerio de Defensa
  • D. Federico Claus Rubio . Deputy director General of the Centre National Cryptologic, Ministry of defence
  • D. Esteban Cave Álvarez . Deputy director-General, Technical and Telecommunications Services, Ministry of defence
  • D. Pedro Martin Jury . The Inspector General CIS, Ministry of defence
  • D. Manuel Ruiz Sánchez . Spanish association of defence Technology Companies, aeronautics and space

Summary of the meeting (Opens in new window)