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Submission of the workshop

The various public administrations need to interact and exchange data between them to provide citizens with compact services involving more than two agencies.

Indeed, interoperability is necessary for cooperation, development, integration and provision of joint services by the administrations; facilitating implementation of the various policies to prevent ‘ islands ’ in the provision of services by the fragmentation of the efforts of the administrations is key to the transfer of technology and for the reuse of applications to facilitate the development of electronic administration; therefore has a strategic, economic and technical support.

Accordingly, the interoperability took a leading role in the forefront of the administration on the basis of an indispensable condition for the development of electronic administration a scenario of local, regional, national and european and great heterogeneity in organizational and technological. Indeed, public administrations are developing several policies and concrete actions to promote, implement and facilitate interoperability in their areas of operation.

In response to this recognition of the role of the interoperability and the need to structure it in an arena for cooperation, law 11/2007 of 22 june, electronic access of citizens to public services (LAECSP) establishes in article 42 the development of the National Scheme of Interoperability, with the participation of all administrations, as well as its adoption by royal decree of the government on the proposal of the sectoral conference on Public administration.

The 'Workshop 5: Interoperability and data-sharing' in Tecnimap 2007 in Gijón, aims to give participants with an overview of the state of affairs supported with references to specific experiences and addressing issues such as: experiences in the european Union, the W3C open standards, interoperability of identification and electronic signature, the framework of Interoperability of the Junta de andalucía, semantic interoperability and concrete experiences in sectoral areas of taxes, budgets and health.

Coordinator for the workshop : Miguel Ángel Amutio Gómez

Description of the interventions


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