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Description of the workshop interveciones open source Software TECNIMAP 2006

The client rico, alternative models of development of a job based on free SW

D. Luis Sánchez Sidewalk
This is how the SW conceptually free can be the foundation in the transformation of the job and collaborative environments: facilitating the reuse, improve operational performance and optimizing both CAPEX and OPEX by post.

The software repository of the Junta de andalucia.

D. Alberto Martínez Saldaña and D. Juan Sebastián Ojeda Pérez
It sets out the initiative since its origins to the present today, as well as the future approach to analyse all the tools: Reflects on the obstacles encountered "Fears, Uncertainties and doubts". Furthermore highlights the experience as a model for other autonomous communities and all the arguments that form the basis and inspiring this initiative.

Draft gvPONTIS: oss migration

D. Martín García Hernández.
Since 2004 the department is in a process of comprehensive migration of all its Computer Systems and their information systems for both free software. The joint office automation, operating systems, the Local network, developments in Corporate Applications and systems of GIS-CAD must operate in Both Free Software by the end of 2008. We are halfway through the process and we have not had any insurmountable problem.

Convenios de liberalización de software con Comunidades Autónomas. Un caso de éxito: Sistema de Registro de Entrada-Salida.

D. Francisco Rebollo Alcalá, division CRM/ECM, Consultancy and services.
The process that has enabled the liberalization of a commercial product registration System and Telematic Registration under agreements with some autonomous communities, describing the principles of those conventions, strategies of deployment and implementation of the solution, as well as the model designed to ensure corrective maintenance and evolving nature of such a solution.

The system of corporative mail of the Junta de andalucia

The system of corporative mail of the Junta de andalucia.
D. José Salmerón Goalkeeper
The system of corporative mail of the Junta de andalucia handles, under a Single domain 125,000 centralized mailboxes and distributed, with high availability and scalability. Exim, Courier and OpenLDAP and other pieces of software free form the bulk of this system.

The project Open Cities of E-government

(Signed) Ricardo Jiménez Peris and D. José María Elm
OpenCities is an initiative led by the company Andago engineering and the UPM, for the creation of an Open Source of AE. Our aim is to create a community of administrations, companies and research bodies to share experiences, knowledge and developments on electronic administration as a facilitator the middleware OpenCities.

Melinux: Practical experiences of developing a generalist GNU/Linux

D. Paul Martínez Catalan, Director General of the information society of the CITY OF MELILLA AUTÓNOMA
D. Miguel Ángel Portolés Simeó, TAO IT GEDAS
Melinux is a GNU/Linux distribution based on OpenSuse 10.0 that includes applications to cover a wide range of features: Ofimatica for home or at work, leisure, development, education, companies,... The most important aspect of the project is the formation of a local team of maintenance, support, training and dissemination.

OSSIM (Open Source Security Information Management) in public administration

D. Gonzalo Asensio
Submission of the implementation of the tool OSSIM in Alcobendas and endorsed by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. OSSIM allows to manage the security information of the network of an organization. It is a project that integrates Open Source products with the aim of providing a monitoring infrastructure of the security council, to facilitate the work of professionals in this sector.

E-government office of the ministry of Interior of the Junta de andalucia. A platform of integration of applications addressed to the citizen

D. Felipe Ramos Galán
This platform web portal allows for the gradual integration of applications as available in an environment consistent with a common feature. The paper should set out how the JSR Portlet standard 168 helps to achieve this objective, describing its implementation in a real project using OpenSource software.