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Communications to Tecnimap 2000

The approval of applications: An instrument for the software quality

Gloria Nistal
Ministry of public administration.

The computerization of the management of public debt: The SAGE project

Rodrigo Buenaventura Hobby.
Daniel Manzano Romero

The administrative modernization from the base: small municipalities

Marcelino Manuel Gil Alcrudo

The negotiation of price with the provider of software projects as

José María Torralba Martínez, Ricardo Ferrer Durá, Antonio Sánchez Tomás, Juan V. Oltra Gutiérrez, José Manuel Santaúrsula Sala

Intellectual property in the network

Manuel Bustillo

The elearning in legal aspects of computing: a classroom open every day of every hour

Juan Vicente Oltra Was Gutiérrez

The single window as valid instrument for the construction of the information society

Gloria Nistal
Ministry of public administration.

The security conditions required for a process of data neglected

Valentín Gutiérrez Rodrigo

The latest information technologies and new services of the spanish agency of the drug from the pharmaceutical industry, health professionals and citizens

Mariano Bitrián Calvo
Ricardo Delgado Casanova

Ministry of the presidency: inter-ministerial Information system

Jesús García Frameworks

Model of records management and customer service centres based Citizen workflow technologies/document management

Reinerio Villa Álvarez, Alejandro Morán Framework

More information with less effort: the value-added of geographical information on the Internet

Eugenio Sánchez García

ICAO: A commitment to innovation of the Local administration

Manuel Sanromà
The diputación de Tarragona

Virtual office of Social Security

José Antonio García Jiménez
Computer management of Social security

Opportunities and challenges for public administration in the information society

Manuel Arenilla Sáez

Optimization of the medical service in a corporative intranet

Eduardo Rué Plaza
María Mercedes Lozano Quirce

PROJECT SISPE: Integration of information systems of public employment services

Isabel Raised Gómez
National employment institute

Parque tecnológico virtual

Carmen Corral, josé Ignacio Gordo, joaquín Guinea López, Erika Sela
Luis M. Vindel, Maria Teresa Above, Ana Isabel Hernando

Pista-Ventanilla Única II, a step forward towards Teleadministración.

Anatolio Alonso Pardo

Strategic Plan for the development of the knowledge society in the autonomous community of La Rioja.

Manuel Arenilla Saéz
The government of La Rioja