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Moderator :

  • Mrs. Lourdes Máiz Cart
    General director of Administration, ministry of public administration.

Invited speaker :

  • D. Luis Hernánd Lucia ez
    Vicerector de Gestión Académica de la U.P.M.. Experto de la Comisión Nacional del Efecto 2000

Panel Discussion :

  • Mr. Ignacio Miguel González García
    Deputy Director of the customs oversight department, ministry of finance and economy
  • D. Tomás Martín Rodrigo
    Assistant director-General for Information Technology planning and coordination, ministry of labour and social affairs
  • D. Gonzalo Solana González
    Director of studies, the supreme council of chambers of commerce, industry and navigation
  • D. Luis Tortosa Pardo of Santayana
    Head of the department of Informatics and organization. Banco de españa. Expert from the national commission of the Year 2000
  • D. Antonio Villalón Mir
    Head of the information systems division, AENA