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The Higher Council of E-government, has been convened biennially since 1989 a meeting on information technologies for the modernization of public administrations, known as TECNIMAP, whose ultimate aim is to contribute to use information and communications in public administrations in an innovative manner and effectively to reduce costs and improve service delivery. The TECNIMAP serve to raise further viable solutions that contribute to expediting the functioning of the different government departments, to publicize the impressive number of computer applications already in place, thus avoiding that at various levels of the state of duplication of effort trying to resolve situations on the basis of the ignorance of experience in similar situations. The event is structured in the form of lectures and round tables by rapporteurs specially invited, free communications, special sessions on case studies, in addition to organizing a large living room of practical demonstrations. The features that best define the uniqueness of these days are as follows:

  • In TECNIMAP combines theoretical reflection with the introduction of practical solutions: conference activities and demonstrations.
  • In TECNIMAP what users, not the suppliers of information technologies.
  • In TECNIMAP attracts the three levels of Public Administration (State, autonomous community and Local), extending the framework of the JIAL (Jornadas de Informática of Local administration), convened by the spanish federation of municipalities and provinces (FEMP), and which, moreover, there is an adequate level of coordination to prevent that touch at the time.


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