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National Institute of cybersecurity of Spain (INCIBE)

National Institute of cybersecurity de españa S.A. (INCIBE) based in León, it is so named since 28 october 2014, according to the agreement adopted at General Meetings on 27 october 2014. Soon was named as National Institute of communication technologies, S.A. (INTECO) .
Such a change of name and image, identity INCIBE casts a commensurate with its strategic focus and positioning in the national centre of reference cybersecurity .


Publications in partnership about IPv6

Guide to enactment as IPv6 public purchase requirement (2012)

14 march 2012

Study by the national institute of communication technologies S.A. (INTECO) in collaboration with the ministry of finance and Public administrations.
Publicado en marzo de 2012.- 1 fichero pdf de 69 p.

  • NOTE : Within the set of measures contained in the Plan for the incorporation of the Internet protocol version 6 (IPv6) in Spain, adopted at the The agreement of the council of ministers of 29 april 2011 , provides that the ministry of Territorial policy and Public Administrations, “ will boost the incorporation of IPv6 as a requirement in the public purchase products and services in information and communications technology ”

  • Other previous reports pdf icon (Opens in new window)   Report on the implications of security in the implementation of IPv6 (INTECO) (Opens in new window) (june 2010)

  • internal download icon   See in PAe transition to IPv6

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Publications on cybersecurity and digital confidence to citizens and companies

Guide for companies: digital identity and online reputation

12 november 2012

Prepared by the national institute of communication technologies (INTECO).
Attached to the document: Guide for companies: digital identity and online reputation (PDF) (Opens in new window) different models, in co-chip companies of identity

  • NOTE : the objective is to disseminate the main points regarding the privacy and security and provide guidelines for the correct creation and management of the corporate digital identity.

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Guide for the safe use of Internet electronic ID CARD

25 october 2010

performs, Observatory of information security of INTECO and Anova Consulting.- IT publishes INTECO, 2010

  • NOTE : There are days of dissemination of the Electronic identity card.

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