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  • The Agencia Estatal boletín Oficial del Estado it is a public body that has among its objectives the creation and dissemination of legislative, jurisprudential documentary doctrinal or from "sg" or other legal publications.

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Digital society and the right (2018)

01 november 2018

Directors, Tomás of Quadra-Salcedo, josé Luis Piñar Way, coordinators, Moses Barrio andrés, José Torregrosa Vázquez. Editing, Official Gazette of the state Ministry of industry, commerce and tourism and ed. 1st november 2018.- NIPO (BOE): 786-18-069-0

  • NOTE: This book offers, Digital society and law drafted by an interdisciplinary group of academics and professionals. The work analyses the the statute of the person in the digital world (first part), digital citizenship (part two), privacy in the digital world (third), basic conditions for ensuring equality in a digital world (fourth), digital trust and responsibility in the network (fifth), cyber security issues and cyber defence capabilities (sixth), labour and labour market in a digital world (seventh), digital market and competition (eighth), creativity, access to culture and sport in a digital world (9th part), justice and protection of the fundamental rights in the digital world (tenth), health and digital world (eleventh part), international relations and digital world (twelfth part), and finally the sustainability and digital revolution (thirteenth one).

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