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Organization of the united Nations (UN)

The organization of the united Nations (UN) = United Nations (A) connects international institutions throughout the world to promote, inter alia a better public administration.

A e-Government Survey

  • United Nations e-Government Survey = Survey of electronic administration of the un.

  • This survey is conducted at present every two years since the Department of economic and social affairs of the united Nations , Division for public administration and management of development.

  • The first global report is being carried out in 2001 and evaluates the status of development of electronic administration of all un member states from the program United Nations Public Administration Network (UNPAN) (Opens in new window) = Network of Public Administration of the united Nations.

  • Since the UNPAN programme, the united nations system establish some awards that are international recognition of excellence in public service: prize of the United Nations Public Service = United Nations Public Service Awards (UNPSA) (Opens in new window)

  • A E-Government Surveys (Opens in new window)

A Survey 2020 E-Government

10 july 2020

Digital Government in the Decade of Action for Sustainable Development : With addendum on COVID-19 Response (publicado en julio de 2020).

  • NOTE: This study contains a specific indicator of the local level, Local Online Service Index (LOSI) = Índice of online services. Have been analysed global 100 local entities, including Madrid.

  • Electronic services

A Survey 2016 E-Government

01 april 2010

E-Government in Support of Sustainable Development. © United Nations, (e-government survey un 2016 e-government as support for the sustainable development. Published in november 2016), 1 PDF of 237 p.

  • Electronic services

A E-Government Survey 2014

24 june 2014

E-government for the future we want. © United Nations, (e-government Survey 2014 of the un. E-government for the future we want. Published in june 2014), 1 PDF of 284 p.

  • Electronic services

A E-Government Survey 2012

01 march 2012

E-Government for the People. © United Nations, (publicado en marzo de 2012), 1 PDF de 160 p.

  • NOTE : The Global E-Government Development Reports and Surveys are aimed at present how governments use information and communication technologies to provide access and inclusion for all.

  • Electronic services

WIPO • The Global Innovation Index (IGI)

  • The Global Innovation Index (IGI) (Opens in new window) Global Índice, innovation, is a joint publication of the agency of the UN: world intellectual property organization (WIPO) = World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) (Opens in new window) la Cornell University, y el INSEAD Bussiness School for the World.

  • Classifies – through socio-economic indicators – the outcome of the innovation from different countries and economies of different regions of the world.

The Global Innovation Index 2020

02 september 2020

The Global Innovation Index (GII) 2020: Who wiill finance innovation. 13th. ed.  (September, 2), 2020, 1 PDF de 448 p. ISSN: 2263-3693.- ISBN: 978-2-38192-000-9

  • Interadministrativa cooperation

The Global Innovation Index 2019

31 july 2019

The Global Innovation Index (GII) 2019: Creating Healthy Lives—The Future of Medical Innovation [12th. ed.] (July), 2019. ISSN: 2263-3693, ISBN: 979-10-95870-14-2

  • Interadministrativa cooperation

The Global Innovation Index 2015

09 september 2015

The Global Innovation Index 2015: Effective Innovation Policies for Development [8th. ed.] (September), 2015. ISSN: 2263-3693, ISBN: 978-2-9522210-8-5

  • NOTE: Table 3.1.3 Government ’ s online service, 141 countries.

  • Interadministrativa cooperation

ITU • Global Cybersecurity Index (ECM)

  • El llamado Índice de Ciberseguridad Global (Global Cibersecurity Index - GCI) es una iniciativa de la International Telecommunication Union (ITU) = international telecommunication union (ITU) (Opens in new window) , a specialized agency of the united nations international connectivity of telecommunications networks and that is committed to connect the entire population of the world.

  • Global Cibersecurity Index is a composite index to measure the commitment of member states, with the itu cybersecurity.

Global Cybersecurity Index 2018

01 july 2019

Conducted by ICT Applications and Cybersecurity Division of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) = international telecommunication union (ITU). [3rd. edition] July, 2019.- 1 PDF file 90 p.

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