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OECD: organization for economic cooperation and development

  • Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) = Co-operation Organisation for Economic and Development (OECD)
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  • La OCDE en el objetivo de intercambiar información y armonizar políticas para el crecimiento económico tiene una amplia producción editorial: informes y datos estadísticos.

OECD Government at a Glance

Government at a glance

It is a biennial publication – ISSN: 22214399 (online) – from the oecd indicators provides more than 30 key elements of governmental performance, as well as economic indicators, matters of governance, regulatory governance indicators. Among the so-called Índice Open government data, Útiles and Reusable (OURdata), which marks the policies of open data of public administration and its implementation.
"Government at a glance"  se ha traducido en ocasiones como "Panorama de las administraciones públicas"

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OECD Public Governance Reviews

OECD Integrity Framework for Public Investment (2016)

29 february 2016

Chapter 1. Integrity in public investment for sustainable economic growth.- Chapter 2. Framework to promote integrity in public investment . Series: OECD Public Governance Reviews = [Estudios de la OCDE sobre Gobernanza Pública] . -1 PDF de 95 p.
ISSN 2219-0414 (online). ISBN 978-92-64-25176-2 (PDF)

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Spain: the reform of the administration at the continuous improvement (2014)

01 april 2014

Informe de la OCDE sobre gobernanza pública en España. Serie: estudios de Gobernanza pública de la OCDE (2014). Traducción de Jorge Tuñon Navarro de OECD Public Governance Review of Spain: From Administrative Reform to Continuous Improvement (2014), responsabilidad de la traducción, INAP. Se ofrece el texto online de 440 p. DOI:

  • NOTE : The OECD has conducted an evaluation of the agenda of reform of the commission for public administrative reform (CORA) compared to the good practices and experiences in oecd countries, identifying opportunities for improvement and to analyse in depth different areas of reform such as finance, management of Ict, multilevel governance or regulatory improvement, paying particular attention to the challenges of implementation.

  • Enlace a OCDE presentación del informe de 1 de abril de 2014  (Opens in new window)

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OECD e-Government Studies

Reaping the benefits of ICTs in Spain: strategic study on communication infrastructure and paperless administration (2013)

12 june 2013

 © OECD, 1 PDF de 122 pág. impresas. OECD e-Government Studies ISSN: 19901054 (online)

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Good Governance for Digital Policies: how to get the most out of ICT: The case of Spain´s Plan Avanza (2010)

09 july 2010

Assessment and proposals for action. 1 fichero PDF de 66p. The case of  Spain ’ s Plan Avanza (2010). OECD Information Society Reviews.

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e-Government Studies of oecd member countries

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Other documents relating to the administration digital

Recommendation of the OECD Council on Digital Security Risk Management for Economic and Social Prosperity (2015)

17 september 2015

OECD Recommendation and Companion Document
Adopted as the recommendation of the oecd council at its meeting on 17 september 2015. - 1 PDF file 74 p.

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Recommendation of the Council on Digital Government Strategies (2014)

14 july 2014

Adoptada por la como Recomendacion del Consejo de la OCDE de 15 de Julio de 2014. Desarrollada por el Public Governance Committee (PGC). 1 fichero PDF de 12 p.

  • NOTE : El 15 de Julio de 2014 el Consejo de la OCDE adoptó formalmente el documento de Recomendaciones para el desarrollo de Estrategias Administración Digital, con el objetivo de conseguir acercar a las Administraciones a sus ciudadanos y empresas. El documento fue desarrollado por el Grupo de Administración Electrónica de la OCDE, dependiente del Comité de Gobernanza Pública. En él se separan los conceptos de Administración Electrónica y Administración Digital.
    The document contains 12 guidelines to be taken into account in the development of Digital administration strategies by the countries.

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Historical studies related to electronic administration and governance

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OECD Main Economic Indicators

OECD Main Economic Indicators = economic indicators for the OECD

Is published monthly statistics that a large number of economic indicators of the 34 oecd member countries and other such as brazil, China, India, Russian Federation, etc.

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