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Observatorio de la Sociedad de la Información en la Región de Murcia

This project of the government of the autonomous community of the region of Murcia arises with the I development Plan of the information society in Murcia (PDSI) 2002-2004, particularly in its horizontal action 4.5 "creation of the Observatory of the information society in Murcia".

PLAN IRIS 2020: Plan estratégico de la Región de Murcia (PERM 2014-2020)

18 March 2014

Presentado por el Presidente de la Comunidad Autónoma y el por el Consejero de Economía y Hacienda de la Comunidad Autónoma de la Región de Murcia el 18 de marzo de 2014. (see press release in pdf)

  • El documento que se propone como Plan Estratégico se articula en base a tres objetivos prioritarios y 7 líneas estratégicas:
    Priority objectives:
    • economic growth and job creation
    • Improves the quality of life and the environment
    • budgetary stability and financial sustainability

  • Strategic Line 1: Transformation of public administration, with a new model of organisation capable of providing public services of new generation, focusing on the citizen and based on the principles of sustainability, efficiency, transparency, motivation and public employee training, innovation and partnership building público-privada. [...]

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