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Strategic plans in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura

Responsible and collaborators in the government of the digital administration

Extremadura board. Counseling of finance and public administration

Depends on this advice of finance and public administration General Secretariat of Digital Administration , a quien corresponde impulsar y coordinar la ejecución de medidas horizontales para la implantación de la administración digital y las que se derivan del marco vigente sobre administración electrónica.

Other portals and documents related to the digital administration

Citizen Portal

Los contenidos de este portal son gestionados por: Consejería de Hacienda y Administración Pública. Secretaría General de Administración Digital

Strategic Plan of information systems (2011-2015) project SysGobEx

31 October 2012

Document made by the board of Extremadura. Counseling of public administration. Overall direction of E-government and Information technologies, with the collaboration of Cenatic, Computaex, Fundecyt. - 1 pdf 100 p.- Published on the internet, October 2012

  • Technological strategic Plan: SysGobEx Extremadura government
    The SysGobEx, including as project within the reordering of the Plan technological environment of the regional administration (CHALLENGE Plan), is a strategic document which aims, on the one hand, get a photo sets on the current technological environment of the administration; chart the future development goals that allows take more timely decisions adaptation and new additions of technological solutions for the administration according to the evolution of the sector.

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  • Electronic services
  • Common infrastructure and services
  • Interoperability