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Strategic plans in the autonomous city of Ceuta

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Autonomous city of Ceuta. Corporate Portal

This portal was created with the objective of improving communication between the various destinations, accelerate the resolution of issues and facilitate access to the applications of each user. In addition to providing resources for the development of documetos and as a channel of communication with the T.S.I.
The portal of four sections (directory, calendar, identity, contact) which, in future be extended with the building of defects and access.

  • Electronic services Portal

The portal of is intended to create a living project, which integrates all services and areas of the city in a single portal.

The project stem from the need to update the portals of the town hall and integrate them all, for all information of the city follow a single standard of design and unification, all the information on the city in a single portal of a clear, simple and accessible to all.