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Strategic plans in the Autonomous City of Ceuta

Responsible and collaborators in the government of the digital administration

Other portals and documents related to the digital administration

Autonomous City of Ceuta. Corporate Portal

This portal starts with the intention of improving communication between different destinations, accelerate settling incidents and facilitate access to applications of each user. In addition to providing resources for the development of documetos and a channel of communication with the T.S.I.
Initially the portal COUNTA four sections (directory, calendar, identity, contact), which in a future expands with the Company module and access Only.

  • Electronic services Portal

Con el portal de se pretende crear un proyecto vivo en el que se integran todos lo servicios y areas de la Ciudad en un único portal.

The project arose from the need to update the Town Hall portals and integrate them all, so that all the information of the city follow the same approach of design and unification, which can access all the information of the city in the same portal of a clear, simple and accessible to all.

General access point
General access point