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Strategic plans in the autonomous community of Castilla-La Stain

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BILIB centre of technical support of Castilla-La Stain

The Centre of technical support of Castilla-La Stain, “ Bilib ”, is a centre of the foundation Parque científico y tecnológico de Castilla-La blot on the development of training actions and momentum of the digital citizenship in collaboration with the General directorate of administration.

Pattern of simplification and reduction of Administrative Burdens

on 10 may 2018

A new Annual Plan for 2018 (PDF) (Opens in new window) , gives continuity to the goal of prioritizing the quality, efficiency and timeliness of the administrative procedures in the administration of the board of communities of Castilla-La Stain.

  • NOTE Are made for the third consecutive year, as a follow-up to the work of simplifying and reducing administrative burdens initiated in 2016.

Castilla-La Stain. Strategic Plan: 2015-2018 E-government

07 april 2014

The Strategic Plan e-government: Castilla-La Stain "administration more digital, more open and simpler" Plan 2015-2018 Proceedings.
1 PDF file 44 p.

  • NOTE : This document has been submitted to the Governing council at its meeting of 26 march 2015, a joint proposal of the Capacity and Chair and Public administrations.

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  • Electronic services