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Strategic plans in the principality of Asturias

Responsible and partners from the government of the administration digital

The government of the principality of Asturias consejería de Presidency.

In the Chair. Viceconsejería of justice. Directorate General Public, security and Digital Strategy the powers vested in the area of E-government.

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Other sites and documents relating to the administration digital

CTIC foundation

The Foundation Centre for the development of information and Communication (CTIC) is formed on 5 december 2003 as a private foundation nature, cultural, social and benéfico-docente, not for profit. In its trust the Government participates in the principality of Asturias.

The electronic procedure. Developments in the new laws 39 and 40 of 2015: guide for the managers of the principality of Asturias

21 december 2016

Document prepared by the community of practice electronic “ in the new procedure ”, code 2016EP0995/1. Asturias Institute of public administration, [published in december 2016] .- 1 PDF print p. 232.

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