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Books - library

Consultation current and historical publications of special relevance in the development of electronic administration/Management.

Library of electronic administration

In the library of PAe is collected:

  • In paragraph: Own publications selection of publications that promote the dissemination of standards, reports, handbooks and analyses, studies and manuals, many of them are:
  • Official publications of the electronic Administration included in the framework of the ministerial publishing programme of government publications.
  • Selection of publications produced in collaboration with other ministries in: Other publications
  • It also offers a selection of Outreach materials, brochures, leaflets
  • This documentary repository with current and historical documents, also include a selection of publications in the field of electronic administration have been doing other national and international entities involved in this area. In paragraph: Other entities
  • In its work in data collection, PAe Library offers a paragraph on Tecnimap : Training programm about information technology for the modernization of public administrations, undertaken between 1989 and 2010.
  • They also have entry into Library PAe current and historical documents that have taken publicity in portals and covering: Strategic plans in electronic administration
  • The library section of this portal is complemented by the engineering section Documentation – that contains legislation and that also highlights various guides and methodologies of general application – in this area.


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